Your point is exactly ..?? #foryou #foryoupage

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💞☆( ◠‿◠ ) @beginner..pointe

that’s a jazz turn i-

116 2 months ago

Nevaeh Davis @nadavis_track_04

Bro I wish the guys that our school dance like that

2854 9 months ago

Julia Carrano @julia.carrano

when you did jazz turns instead of ballet.. I felt that

2360 9 months ago

🥵 @jonna.kumin

Your “pointe” is exactly (sorry I had to)

1069 9 months ago

Karma @karmasabeep

Oh my god I was so shocked you are incredible

137 9 months ago

audrey grimes @dreygrimes

@danajaneen my grand jetes could never

18 4 months ago

Avalon Rose @kisses_avalon

That jazz turn tho...

47 9 months ago

emi🤢🤢 @emitaylorrr

when that pirouette was not turned out my heart hurted.

298 9 months ago

✰ ᕼᗴᒪᒪO ᒪOᐯIᗴᔕ ✰ @brianmayownsallmyuwus

You are actually VERY good

484 9 months ago

agnieszka @sickomodepinini

but like that grand jete IS BEAUTIFUL

232 9 months ago

☆Katie Grace☆ @theater_breaks_my_leg

He just straight up did jazz turns

163 9 months ago

msskiesha @msskiesha

I thought the same thing

18 9 months ago

•Gabriela• @xo.gabriela.xo

Oww that hurt when you did the jazz piroutte ~ballet dancer

24 8 months ago

grace✨ @grace__shemanski

sooooo good!!

23 9 months ago

Elly @_balletbun_

Those are jazz turns tho

7 7 months ago

💚☠ŞłýţhëřÇłåw💙⚰ @itz.gaymo.101

lemme guess they do bad "fortnite" dances even though those dances didnt originate on fortnite lmfao

16 9 months ago

Mazie @maziemichelleburt

You are such a great dancer I Watch your videos every day because I love dancing to it’s my life

80 9 months ago

liv🦋 @oliviaa.romano

how did you do a triple on carpet barefoot i’d have rugburn i-

21 8 months ago


That was a jazz turn not a ballet turn!!!😂

13 8 months ago

Small @dance_to_the_beat27

dude where are my ballet dudes-------------}})}

10 8 months ago