This is the only accurate ranking on tiktok what rank is your province #canada #rankit

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Yeetusthemeetus @kebekman

It’s funny to see that Canadian hate quebecers even tho the majority of their culture is from Qc oof

248 6 months ago

Shana Desponts @hahahafunnycontent

The rest of Canada wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Quebec but go off.😰

164 6 months ago

jakub Grabkowski 🇵🇱 @jakubgotenkss

Quebec ‘’created’’ Canada so why does every Canadian hate Quebec??

123 6 months ago

Wetsocks @you_can_call_me_lord

I feel offended that Quebec is last and I don’t even live there?!

102 6 months ago

melia @mqueer2

do u have something against poutine ?

80 6 months ago

je veux turluter @jaimeraisetrelabolduc

Went to every province in the canada and the best is clearly Quebec

75 6 months ago

myriam @myriam.ouellet

its kinda sad that i already knew that quebec was gonna be last:(

5 6 months ago

Colleen Morgan @itscolleenmorgan

everyone hates quebec bc they’re always wanting to leave cnda, and begging for more funds from the g

22 6 months ago

Onokh @onokh

This trend is just toxic. Do visit Quebec someday we have a ton of fun events ✌️

33 6 months ago

sarah @saaarrrrraaahhhhh

why does everyone hate quebec? quebec created canada lmao

28 6 months ago

lilou @liloukirouac

I bet u never went to Quebec 🤷🏼 ♀️

24 6 months ago

CARPET GUY @carpet_guy

Putting Quebec last but doesn’t even know how to count to 13 correctly....

13 6 months ago

sara @sawathesawason


30 6 months ago

lol @hannah_drumbo

I think it should go Ontario, Quebec, then Bc and the rest is right

15 6 months ago

Paige Connors @paigeconnorss

ns 4?? i feel appreciated

20 7 months ago

Coralie Elizabeth @crocsaremyreligion0.0

Oh bin tabarnack

9 6 months ago

💓3,2k💓 @nøūm.grd

Ok but 1.We were the first province discover so Canada wouldn’t be anything if we weren’t discovered

10 6 months ago

alextalksalot @alextalksalot

I actually went to BC Quebec Alberta and Ontario and yes BC is the most beautiful but not the best

9 6 months ago


this one is the most accurate so far

5 6 months ago

nelly @neleigha_

why is pei always 5 there’s absolutely nothing there

9 6 months ago