The 3 provinces arguing on who’s the best vs everyone else...#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #thatsthetea

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Skylar @choofedbradford


557 7 months ago

bitch @hāppyønthëøûtsîdê

Quebec because it made Canada

166 7 months ago

Zech_w19 @zech_w19

Alberta=Alabama BC=Oregon Ontario=Cali Quebec=New mexico Nova scotia, Newfoundland= Maine

77 7 months ago

💓3,2k💓 @nøūm.grd

Québec bc we produce 92% of Canada’s maple syrup and we were discovered at first!!!!

78 7 months ago

Xavier Paiva @xavierpaivaa

Ontario is where the party’s at and we have toronto... 🥴🥴

83 7 months ago

ekaterini 🥰 @ems2683

quebec literally initiated the creation of canada

32 7 months ago

♡ Grace ♡ @grace.melanie

Bro idc about these ones Manitoba is the most Canadian province in Canada

14 7 months ago

brook @sellkids4robux

Saskatchewan? That’s the Alabama of Canada

41 7 months ago

sophia! @_sophiasimon

sorry to break it to yall, but alaska is obviously the best province in canada 🙈😌😎

57 7 months ago

Alex @alexiatngy

Quebec bc we made Canada

11 7 months ago

sarah🏳️‍🌈 @sarahaubryy

Quebec because it made Canada

38 7 months ago

alex ★ @alexkitenge

it’s goes ontario, bc THEN Alberta and that’s on period.

23 7 months ago

vanilla @vaniahabibi

bc, ontario, alberta, quebec, saskatchewan. others are irrelevant PERIODT. (im from ontario myself)

8 7 months ago

taylor @iliketodrinkpaint

manitoba is the best because i live in manitoba

6 7 months ago

Poop is alive @poopsieisalive

Alabama? That is not a Provence Dude! Get ur facts strait

5 7 months ago

kayla♥︎ @kaylaruiz_


10 7 months ago

- 𝘩𝘶𝘴𝘩 - @hushyn

Quebec is chill 😎

27 7 months ago

Cole Lemieux @clem.exx

At least Alberta and BC actually have beautiful mountains and lakes and wilderness😂

5 7 months ago

👁👄👁 @skrekstoochie

Alberta is the Florida of Canada

8 7 months ago

ab @ab_234

1) BC 2) Ontario 3) The rest

6 7 months ago