Another one for the Canadians because everyone’s doing it lol #foryou #canadian #ontario

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🖤 Puppy Bitch 🖤 @pxppy.slxt

i live in Hamilton and we are told in school our nickname is Canada's armpit 🤷 ♀️

3037 6 months ago

Aman Arora @ismokenutella

brampton should be first lmfoaaoooaoo brown town tinngs here messed

1828 6 months ago

Jessi Cat @jessicvt

Worst cities in Ontario to live: Oshawa, oshawa, Oshawa, Oshawa, Oshawa

1632 6 months ago

Lucas McLeod @lucasmcleod2

Some of you spend a day in the shwa and come back please

1125 6 months ago

your rad, sad dad :( @angsty_cøsplayer

small town in ontario check 🤙🏻

1467 6 months ago

hannah gravely @hannah2grav

Where my Hamilton homies at —>

1398 6 months ago

Steph @wowomgggg

I knew Brampton was gonna be on there 💀

403 6 months ago

Char 💓 @riv.err

*causally walking in Tbay* when did I get stabbed? 😂

151 6 months ago

EK @em_k_

ok but london's a bit of a mess

588 6 months ago

𝒥𝒶𝓏𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒶 @jazmina786

Hamilton is better than Toronto thou trust be I’ve been there lol

339 6 months ago

Jada Biley @jadabiley

i feel attacked now; thunder bay homies where you @

216 6 months ago

i don’t post🤷🏻‍♀️ @coochienboobieslayer69

where my oshawa ppl at🥺 >

395 6 months ago

Mother Of Rabbits @queenoftherabbits

Yeah, Thunder Bay is horrible. Especially if you’re Indigenous

295 6 months ago

Markley Smith @pocahawtass

Literally live in Hamilton and Toronto is wayyyy worse🤣🤣🤣

351 6 months ago

Sonia @itsmesonia05

uh hamilton is not that bad yk

269 6 months ago

Beth ❤ Hart @bethhart91

Hamilton Crew here 😉

308 6 months ago

meadow stevens @meadslol

okay but where’s Barrie 😩

209 6 months ago

kia.winger @kiawinger

me waiting for Niagara to be added to these lists

181 6 months ago

han&jul @hannuhnjuul

Windsor gang✊🏻

221 6 months ago

Lucas McLeod @lucasmcleod2

Hamilton smells sorry

1054 6 months ago