found a room covered with blood at an abandoned mental asylum 五 #foryoupage #foryou #creepy #urbex

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Kyrinnia @kyrinnia

Thats awful red for blood, amateurs dont know that blood turns brown when it dries and its flaky.

48413 5 months ago

Dragmethroughh3ll @ohiambambam

Patients use to cut themselves to get out the rooms.

47973 5 months ago

lydiajune0 @lydiajune0

i think somebody might have just put fake blood there to spook other peeps hahahah i could be wrong!

33583 5 months ago

sarahisweird @sarahisweird99

as someone who works in medical. either that just happened and you need to get tf out or its paint bc when blood dries it doesnt look like that

27270 5 months ago

Ashley Prenger @ashley_prenger

Looks like pretty new considering blood turns brown FAST

15990 5 months ago

Colby Brock @.cxlby_brxck.edits

*sam and Colby entered the chat*

8032 5 months ago

YOOOOOOOONGI @y00ngi_su3ks_t03s

TuRn It InTo A VsCo HaNgOuT

11886 5 months ago

Just Kelly @kelly_r___

Where is this I wanna get there b4 Sam and Colby for once

1898 5 months ago



2375 5 months ago

Grayson @adventuresofgray

let me know if you guys want a part 2 of this!

2906 5 months ago

Dev均 @devvyyy_


3725 5 months ago

Breexox.Edits @breexox.edits

I think Sam and Colby went here-

1214 5 months ago

abby lol @420weblazin

blood dries darker than that

3966 5 months ago

chlo禱 c. ba簽os @chloecbanos

where is this ?

634 5 months ago

kaitlynnn @nod.pod

the first thing i said was sam and colby went there

948 5 months ago

Solby shipper!歹喉

@樹塔 looks like sam and Colbys exploring secret abandoned city video

723 5 months ago

Gabi @g.cecconi

turn it into a vsco hangout

688 5 months ago


They probably got too excited for the Beyonc矇 concert

647 5 months ago