Waiting on the triggered android users #foryou #foryoupage #android (peep bio)

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°•Online•° @imvu.bxitch

I mean I have an android and it's perfectly fine...

1345 5 months ago

🤡 @maryisdumb

My android ain't bad. Ive had it for maybe a year now. The camera is just fine

1652 5 months ago

✨Carissa✨ @ughitscarissa

Soo truee tho😂

2294 5 months ago

Sara Harling @saraharling

This is hilarious 💀 I’m wheezing

897 5 months ago

payton @pp69poopoo420

for a second i thought my internet wasn’t working 🤣🤩

552 5 months ago

user504623 @user50462378

I have an iphone but androids are so much better than yall make them seem to be

266 5 months ago

Aiden 《¿》 @dakiller_69

Hmmm mine doesnt lag and android is faster than apple so get it 13 year old white girl

42 5 months ago

user391547 @venomclaps

look at my videos those are filmed with an android

309 5 months ago

♡ ℝ𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕖𝕝 ♡ @xrach_luvx

That's an apple loading logo tho....😐

170 5 months ago

erin fried @erinfried1


67 5 months ago

Tik Toker @drinkyx_xash

This is stolen

69 5 months ago

•○°☆ᏂᎥ!☆°○• @_randomness_uwu_

this is stolen qwq

39 5 months ago

lindsay <3 @lizzzz.19

them google pixels are next level tho

141 5 months ago

Kai Kraft @kai.kraft

apple users just have this thought that all android phones are 2005 iPods for some reason. If your phone lags, it's your wifi, not the phone.

57 5 months ago

Baileyyyy💘 @baileyhickmannn

my android is pretty good if I do say so myself lmao

52 5 months ago

Raven Stewart @ravenstewartt

I thought my phone was messed up LMFAOOO

45 5 months ago

Emma💕 @egcapelle

I kid you not I got anxiety and got so upset when I saw the loading button.

48 5 months ago

Lazy paGe🤧😒🕺🏼 @gamerprorighthere


28 5 months ago

Rebecca Williams @rebeccawilliams534


34 5 months ago

Snowden @qsnowden

I chuckled thank you

27 5 months ago