What is ur Favorite part of my fit😂#respectthedrip this took about 25 tries😅#comedy #fyp

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Stranger fam! @___stranger_thingz___

Hi ilysm can ou pls reply🦖🦖🦕🦕❤️❤️❤️

172 5 months ago

versáce @versáce

The fact that I’m so stinking early!! That’s never been done before w/ such a popular TT’er!! 😍😍😍

81 5 months ago

Nikki G 💜 @nikki.g822

😂😂😂😂 Your trying so hard not to laugh @parker_james 🤣🤣

64 5 months ago

*Pearl*18 @pearls.c

yas! I love the belt!...😂🤣😂

31 5 months ago

gsssssssssssssss. @g.................s

can i please be apart of the dino club🦖🦕🦖🦕

18 5 months ago

Jenny 💭 @jennymariex

this outfit is lit 🔥

9 5 months ago

pineapplegal @pineapplegirl61

The belted top👌🏻

9 5 months ago

Evelynn @889277373i

Were u in football?!

8 5 months ago

LEGO Pit Droid @fru1tjar

not funny, didn't laugh

8 5 months ago

anna🤟🏽 @art15xoxo

Com’on Karen!!! Respect

7 5 months ago

karissadenboer @karissadenboer

Now here is fashion

7 5 months ago

Makka @makkathepakka


6 5 months ago

Zaria Wreggitt @zariawreggitt65

This outfit is AWSOME

2 4 months ago

Taylor🏐💕 @tayylor05

Every time I ask you don’t answer. But can I be part of the Dino Club

7 5 months ago

mr.munnster @mr.munnster

the socks

1 4 months ago

Marguerite @margueriteabcarian


5 5 months ago

Anna🎺⚽️ @randombanana73


1 4 months ago

ツskylr23 @sklr23

dino club plzzz🦕🦕🦕🦖

3 5 months ago

Phoenix @yuru7j

Of course her name is Karen💀

3 5 months ago

Kiara Danielle @kiaradani3ll3

I have the same pants!!! 🦕

1 4 months ago