here’s more proof julianne and derek hough r my aunt and uncle 🕺🏿#foryoupage #4u #artproject

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Leah💞 @soggygirl.cos

i just cried because of this

46599 5 months ago

alonzo_lerone @alonzo_lerone

U look like them. I would’ve believed it without all that clout

41060 5 months ago

TyBott @tybottofficial

dErEk dOeSn’T dAnCe LiKe tHaT

29927 5 months ago

ur mom @ryleesullivannnn

they’re famous dancers and are on dancing with the stars

21225 5 months ago

Amy (Mali) 🤙 @amylee0034

to y'all who don't know these amazing gods are: you're uncultured swines.

6677 5 months ago

Mia Redwine @miaredwine

she has 4.8 million followers and he has 2.4 million and you guys have the audacity to say they aren’t famous?!🙄😹

3175 5 months ago


I absolutely adore her😭You’re so lucky..

6390 5 months ago

Kylee Haueter @kyleehaueter

ok wait HOLD UP WHAT

4047 5 months ago

ricečüm @beanslee

They look like older versions of Cody Ko and Kelsey

364 5 months ago

alden phillips @aldenphillipz

I’m related to myself, and I’m famous

2342 5 months ago

Chinita @sarimarmuniz

Trump is my uncle sooooo

1311 5 months ago

terintino @terinjoseph

ugh love them

3908 5 months ago

Lucas Paxton @thelucaspaxton

They aren’t famous tho..

1334 5 months ago

paige❤️ @ohkaypaige

okay yeah i’m jealous

636 5 months ago @kirstentapleyy


1990 5 months ago

TrashbagDurag @trashbagdurag

Am i the only one who doesn’t know who tf they are

1044 5 months ago

✨mati✨ @matilyn_lou

ok but that is so friggin dope as well as ur shirt

2236 5 months ago

kate.mcdowell @kate.mcdowell

where’s ross lynch at though

508 5 months ago

Delaney Lynch @delaneylynch1

Finally a real one 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🖤

695 5 months ago

sosbsjjdndn @lmaounfollowjwuwbsjosjd

i don’t know who they are yikes

383 5 months ago