DIY neon sign ya heard it here first folks #artproject #fyp #foryoupage

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🎀Ashley Dolce🎀 @fairyxblade

Step one: have a dad

38957 6 months ago

𝓂𝑜𝒽 @itsmoh

what if someone cuts the 'ful' out

23154 6 months ago

Jeanelle Myers @jeanelle.myers

i save this as if i’m going to actually get up and do this

16903 6 months ago

swagmeout6669 @swagmeout6669

Those in the comments who are saying it’s spelled wrong: 🤡🤡

14272 6 months ago

John R @johnr274

is no one gonna ask where she got the lighting? im trying to cop

8860 6 months ago

nayha @neha.yal

y’all she knows how to spell “thoughtful”

1770 6 months ago

Marss @mstuffyy

it’s called “el wire” on amazon!!

6539 6 months ago

•𝓜.𝓤.𝓐• @makeupby_lacee

I’m triggered the “be” isn’t centered

3001 6 months ago

M @mariah.mtzz

Wait that’s how u spell it? I thought it was ‘thoughtful’ or am I just stupid?

543 6 months ago

. @1eahh

I’m pretty sure it’s spelled wrong on purpose

1956 6 months ago

Karter 🤟 @hopensley

Instructions unclear, socks are now wet

650 6 months ago

duke @drichey5

clearly for the VSCO hangout

724 6 months ago

terintino @terinjoseph

omg love

788 6 months ago

Yeah lol no @pikaachuwu

yoU spELled iT wroNg:🤡🤡

74 6 months ago

Рентгеноэлектрокарди @bucketsofshit

God I wanna be friends with you based off the music you listen to

154 6 months ago

Patrick Zajac @patrickzajac

I made a tutorial video of this on my youtube last year if anyone wants to watch!!

268 6 months ago

zoë 🏳️‍🌈 @tgi.zoee

this fyeeeeee

131 6 months ago

Itssemilyayeee @emilllyyuhhhh16

That was to long for no reason

105 6 months ago

Luke Cargill @lukecargill8

That quote really just lit up my day... people like puns and I know this is going viral so gl 😁

159 6 months ago

sunburn🥵🏄🏻‍♀️🤙🏻 @_anabortion

wHy isn’t this famous yet that was awesome

203 6 months ago