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niganon @sjforeal

This is too smart for tiktok

1579 5 months ago

frannotfranny @frannotfranny

“wIThOuT cApITAlisM yOu wOulDNt hAVe tHaT cOMpuTEr oR MaKeuP”

1311 5 months ago

asd @as2456fghk090ll

people in the comments who don't understand economics: yOu WouLdnT hAve ThAt cOmPuTer WitHout cApItALisM 🤡🤡🤡🤡

926 5 months ago

Philip @raijiko

This video belongs in a museum

559 5 months ago

tyler. @ty13rbeats

capitalism is the best system.

298 5 months ago

80085 @800b5

@i_islan without capitalism we wouldnt have over 1 billion people in destitute poverty ✌️😜🙌👍🤭 #corruptsystem

455 5 months ago

Bologna @bolognacrony6969

We Stan a Marxist kween

176 5 months ago

Varsana @varsenex

THIS is what I signed up for

251 5 months ago

Young rich and uncut @forbeskin_

Why are people talking about how good capitalism is WE REQUIRE ANARCHY

260 5 months ago

🍒 𝓡𝓲𝓴𝓾𝓾 🌙 @_rikuu.cos_

neither capitalism or socialism work and it hurts my brain

56 5 months ago

Jay Bailey @bailey.jaym

I mean you have that computer because of capitalism but go off

67 5 months ago

steven @stevieiackson

Imagine not having makeup/gaming computers/fast internet because of no free market only gulags haha

70 5 months ago

Adam Griffiths @adamgriffiths84

capitalism made all the stuff that makes you fake and pretty!

65 5 months ago

Jim @jimbus2000

I love capitalism

361 5 months ago

pup @aespup

i love u we r one in the same

100 5 months ago

Merah @l._merah

Just move to Somalia ffs

45 5 months ago

caroline @caro.trash

i dont know what this means but i felt like i had to like

69 5 months ago

Ryan Ruggiero @ryanruggiero7

Better dead than red

46 5 months ago

jake @korn.on.dakob

Down with the corporations that control our lives

50 5 months ago

ThatOne Guy @data_expunged__

You know, without capitalism you wouldn’t have been able to obtain that beautiful computer

62 5 months ago