ready for junior year 🥰 #comedy #meangirls #foryou #foryoupage

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laney ☆ @shaquilleoatmeal13

Yo I know someone who did this and she got suspended 🤟😗

17096 6 months ago

LeanBeanSean @leanbeansean

When you miss the point of the movie 🤩

8043 6 months ago

robarazzi @ashlejk

there’s a movie to show this is a bad idea

13033 6 months ago

Christian Salib @christiansalib

You can’t sit with us 💄

4348 6 months ago

joelle 🥵😳 @_jo.l

I hope you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings with that :/

7831 6 months ago

𝒮𝑜𝒻𝒾𝒶🍃💕 @sofiaisokhbu

now I wanna do this

9017 6 months ago

mila alonge @cashmoneymila

till u get suspended from school 😭😭

5487 6 months ago

🧚🏻 @sushi.wooshi

at first i thought it was just gonna be a cute notebook but sis... don’t take this to school or show anyone bc once you get ratted out ur done for 😭

1469 6 months ago

sjsjsjsj @hmmidkk

if you do this just dont show anyone not even your friends 😗🤟

1210 6 months ago

destiny @destinyncastillo


1391 6 months ago

alyssa jordan @alyssaxjordan

it’s just from the movie and it’s not really a trend haha

453 6 months ago

🌸 @shazayee

Why is this a trend this is so rude

359 6 months ago

🤧 @kkraehe

It’s all fun and games till Regina blames it on you

691 6 months ago

emma @emmaftdt

y’all really that worried about people

564 6 months ago

anna falci @ana.falsey

i’m pretty sure what u printed out is already a sticker... why’d you glue it....

78 5 months ago

julie (: @julie.sxphie

I‘m gonna do that now byee

160 6 months ago

🦋🐆🌸🐥👾 @sydneybrum

did u not watch the movie tho lmao

56 6 months ago

claire :) @clairexoliver

yessss baby lets do it :)

520 6 months ago

antoine @antoine_the_one

@_alyciamarie you have to make one

75 6 months ago

your mom @claireisfamous

@lilyquackenbush we did this before it was popualr

71 6 months ago