Having a girl best friend

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Mike T @the1closer

A little 🍷 can change that ya know

2 4 weeks ago

ShotCreatorLu @shotcreatorlu

so they've kissed ? 🤣

0 12 hours ago

۶ @۶95


4 2 days ago

Hailey Waller @haileywaller28

You guys will honestly be the cutest couple

17 1 week ago

Kiki @kikithequeen12

He broke up with Liza[cry]

1 1 month ago

Whas uP mY nIbbAs @ios_jjay

Not all Of those are true

4 2 weeks ago

Jesus Lopez @jesuslopez820

You guys need to get together

4 2 weeks ago

Keziah😊💛 @keziahasuega

O my gawd 37540

1 1 week ago

user9213864152690 @blueforever2

they are todoly dateing❤❤👍👍

1 2 weeks ago

marielle c. ✰ @mariellepc


3 3 weeks ago

Madison @hey_maddie.303

You should date

0 2 weeks ago

ttardivel @xx_katieann_xx22999

#couplegoals lol

0 2 weeks ago

Xiaoyin Ho @xiaoyinho


0 4 weeks ago

Kyle Rowles @kylerowles5


0 7 hours ago

thamooa @user858606690161


0 1 week ago

sahari_bari @sahari_bari

hi david

1 1 month ago

Haley Leeper Biggs @haleyleeperbiggs

This is adorable.

1 1 month ago

Maci_Starr @itsmaceeeee_98


0 1 month ago

Petrina @petrinaleno

You know what's funny? During this video David looks straight at the camera. Liza looks from side to side on the questions! Truth lies in her looks😉

2 1 month ago

Anissa Parker @anissa.marie25

Stick to Liza David! Don’t wanna mess anything up with your assistant who does everything she can for you!!

2 1 month ago