I’m not saying it happened yesterday but it happened yesterday #countdown321 #foryoupage #fyp #4u

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It’s Jazmin @random0007

Omg I was in sportcheck and me and my brother saw a vsco girl and started doing this 😅😂

3775 4 months ago

Sophia 😔🤠 @dirtyshowerwater

I have one and I’m not a vsco girl :/

2615 4 months ago

Liz @lozclaws

use whatever reusable water bottle you want! I use a S’Well! Use a hydroflask! A pewter mug! It’s all good! Spread love and good vibes 💕❤️

1298 4 months ago

🤷🏻‍♀️ @teawithhoes

Sure let’s bring down girls for having a a water bottle

2752 4 months ago

𝔯𝔥𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞 @pixelatedpuccy

literally everyone at my school has one but most of the time they’re not even vsco girls lmao

379 4 months ago

local bish @yourlocalhoe123

girls support girls :(

310 4 months ago

gabriella @gabriella.vs

my friends and I were just trying to have a good time at great America and like 20 different people yelled this at us and flipped us off 🥰✌️

105 4 months ago

❤️Emily ❤️ @3m1ly_123

Omg this doesn’t get more accurate 😂 @katie05parkie

3 3 months ago

Jenny🥰 @jenn.yy_

@mayagrmbw @its.miiiia @ingé

4 4 months ago

🌹🖤Amy🖤🌹 @imjustkindahereformemes

I am not vsco in anyway. If anything my aesthetic is grunge and I have one, and this situation is my worst nightmare.

41 4 months ago

rovee.ray @rovee.ray

that was a pretty powerful “and I oop”

78 4 months ago

❄️Gianna Castiglione @gianna.castiglione

Is ThAt A pLaStIc StRaW

20 4 months ago

ordafoenicklinguini @leahpekar4

I purposely banged my hydro against all the desks yesterday when I was late for class

13 4 months ago

Serena Gonzalez @smg_x

me I was that friend

12 4 months ago

Liz @lozclaws

We should NEVER harass anyone for the BRAND OF RESUABLE WATER BOTTLE THEY USE. We can joke about the meme that was created about the bottle

691 4 months ago

user1070756105808 @user1070756105808

I like you girl

8 4 months ago

Patrycja1414 @patrycja1414

When I was in the store I saw a vsco girl and I wanted to say SAVE THE TURTLES😂

31 4 months ago

Emily 🦞 @thisisemilyduh

Hahahaha I do that

11 4 months ago

siphosethujoja @siphosethujoja

Best episode ever one of my favorite

46 4 months ago

kelster2711 @kelster2711

looking gorgeous as always, and funny lol 😊

32 4 months ago