YO I SPILLED COFFEE ON MY SHIRT AND DREW ON IT 2 SEC BE4 SCHOOL this better go viral smh #foryou

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erin sheddy @erinnsheedy


196678 5 months ago

DAVID DOBRIK @daviddobrik

I can’t get over this hahah. INSANE lol

195160 5 months ago

Ed @sprodoo

This is smart af lmao

126440 5 months ago

Olivia Knox @oliviacatknox

Yo people have been thinking this is from brandy or urban at my school IT WAS LITERALLY LIKE FROM TARGET LOLOLO

83259 5 months ago

Noura @nourakilla

you’re a “cup is half full” person and I love it

25351 5 months ago

lyz @loserzlyz

david dobrik commented on this you win

9298 5 months ago

what's up🎱🎱🏁🏁 @callmebyyourname69

no one : not even my alien: 5minutes craft: drawing in coffe stanes

15562 5 months ago

Troy <3 @zarbruh

This is literally amazing

57093 5 months ago

corey @threedotcorey

This is so cool

4406 5 months ago

KaldenTrainor @kaldentrainor

why u so smart tho

5552 5 months ago

Aviva @avivasofia


6145 5 months ago

I.y.a @c.est.bon.bon

Some of y’all haven’t seen that one Troom Troom vid and it shows

8028 5 months ago

WeBeThriving @elijahgrit

Bruuuh that’s dope

5766 5 months ago

diab(eden) @eggbinch

This is like the troom troom diy-

4454 5 months ago

Isaiah @izayuhh

This is dope

4401 5 months ago

hal !!! @halliewrenn

whoa. if that happened to me i’d just go home or deal with it lmao

5121 5 months ago

idk dude @imeanlike...damn

stop flexing ik im not creative 🤧😔

2809 5 months ago

DAVID DOBRIK @daviddobrik

You win

99995 5 months ago