7:15am and rain at a coffee shop #barista #baristalife #foryoupage #foryou #fyp

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Some Dude @guywearingamask01

its all about the aesthetic

2757 5 months ago

Rymaner @rymaner

Excellent use of the Minecraft music lol

1923 5 months ago

Bearded_Bastard @bearded_bastard

this just calmed my soul

1112 5 months ago

Karlo Gutierrez ⭐️ @karlogutierrez

bro minecraft music hits differently tho😭

491 5 months ago

☆ OLI ☆ @oodoodles

I would K I L L to live somewhere where it rains a lot :’(

171 5 months ago

Ked @kedmerwin

I work at a cafe and they just taught me how to do espresso! I’m learning how to steam milk next week—but in the meantime I can do iced lattes/mochas!

382 5 months ago

fawna🍓 @smolsprout

i adore you and your wholesome content 🥺

46 5 months ago

ur mom @soft_loxser

Minecraft chill vibes

14 5 months ago

Melissa @lissat73

Fresh Oregon rain, it’s my favorite. You just showed the most perfect aesthetic. Thank you!

19 5 months ago

Legitimint Studios @legitimintstudios46

Whoa this relaxed me so much

10 5 months ago

_59009 @lauiscona

your aesthetic is inspiring

33 5 months ago

gia @gia.polizzi

so peaceful

25 5 months ago

bob the builder @zarin.goodson

“The Bees 😊🐝”

9 5 months ago

#STAYSALTY @saltymayonnaise57

Oh okay I see u with the coffee aesthetic

18 5 months ago

Arajian @arajian

Is there anything better? We need a good one here

17 5 months ago

the rat house @rat.house

i love thiss

10 5 months ago

Ryan Gawlik @coffeefanatics

I got free crosswords from my work and THEY GOT RID OF SELLING NEWSPAPERS!!! I need to buy a crossword book

16 5 months ago

Noah 🎮 @itsnytie

This is so peaceful

9 5 months ago

BaileyJane @baileyjane98

Wow this is so aesthetic that is makes me sad it’s sunny right now

25 5 months ago

nat @.nattt

this w slow flaming jazz music is my aesthetic

10 5 months ago