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Adam Kellogg @adambuckled

I want to hire DJ Doritos TODAY.

130 4 weeks ago

I cant believe @icantbelieve78

Honestly thank you so much for all these tips, some people can’t afford someone to guide them through job/internship hunting

16 4 weeks ago

Connor @.the_queen_of_mean

These are so useful! I'm 15 and starting to think about my future career

13 4 weeks ago

user9645166254127 @user9645166254127

I love wifi hi five πŸ˜‚

13 4 weeks ago

Madeline Mann @selfmademillennial

17 4 weeks ago

Anna Rojas @lacolombiana04

What emails are more modern?

4 3 weeks ago

Siobhauna @siobhauna

Thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ“ˆ

6 4 weeks ago

Marotoks @marotoks

DJ Doritios slaps tho πŸ˜•

4 4 weeks ago

james charli @jamescharli78

what about photo on linkedin?

2 4 weeks ago

oscarlopez3876 @oscarlopez387671

and F R A N K

4 4 weeks ago

Mae and Bucky @bucky_mae

Is a email that has mae in it and a couple number ok my name isn’t mae though

0 1 week ago

wejdansview @wejdansview

is it okay if i put my linkedin qr code on my resume?

0 1 week ago

Christine @ladyfernn

yes! No photo on resume. update your LinkedIn to a professional photo. I can’t tell you how many people I see that have a photo of them and their kid

0 2 weeks ago

Andres Mijarez @andresmijarez4

can you tell us how to fix the location issue? I tried going into the full video but it appears to be down 😞

1 2 weeks ago

DMC @belovedcrown

Location tip is wrong

0 1 week ago

Brent Pate @brentpate0


0 1 week ago

Mini hype house @ally23134

B. D

0 1 week ago

Amanda Walker @pinkpandaaggie

Where would we put we are interested in moving states? I’m in NC but I am moving to Nashville. Also, how do we word it?

0 1 week ago

user5335302557613 @user5335302557613

Which way?

0 1 week ago

Black Mason @black_mason1142

You are awesome

0 3 weeks ago