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saltπŸ§‚ the hammy @salt.thehammy

heyo calling all rich peopleeeee

8876 4 weeks ago

πŸ–€πŸ”’ @dead.ahh

that airpods recording audio quality tho

4909 4 weeks ago

coconut la croix @zunfl0werz

sorry to break it to you but just because it’s a nice brand, does not mean it’s fashionable πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

2884 3 weeks ago

kiely @blondebimbo11

you rich but you recorded this on a 3DS

1365 4 weeks ago

eve @_eve_m_

whys it sound like it was recorded on a toaster

24 3 weeks ago

ayysshhhaaa @ayysshhhaaa

when ur phone drowned in the water but it’s still working

425 2 weeks ago

Holly @highkeyholly

Sounds like someone called into a radio station

114 3 weeks ago

lizabruh @wizardbeth

ok but why does this sound like it’s a recording of a voicemail

169 3 weeks ago

Idk Idc @idkidc574

Thats not even fashion thats just being rich

451 3 weeks ago

Matt @uncoolmatt

that looks like the most basic collection ever

279 3 weeks ago

Kennedy @kennedyyyyyxo

Why does that dress look like a shirt Harry Styles would wear ....

50 3 weeks ago

user095896 @user09589647

Excuse me ma’am that’s not a dress

182 4 weeks ago

Adryanna Salas @adryannasalas

I’m too poor for this trend

390 4 weeks ago

MeliDH @meliiiidh

What Chanel bag is that? It looks taller/slimmer than the classic flap !

483 4 weeks ago

Kylie🌊 @purekyliestephens

i thought this was a store

28 4 weeks ago

charlotte121206 @char.drawsss

Me: wants to be like that Also me: a broke middle schooler

30 4 weeks ago

😳 @tjooobreh


39 3 weeks ago

Annaβ€οΈπŸ‘… @annabarto

Where exactly are the Levi’s from?!!! I can’t find a pair like this anywhere

191 4 weeks ago

Charlene Sorensen @charlenesorensen

Please answer, what is the style of those RAY BANS called? I can never find that exact pair/style!

34 4 weeks ago

gracemassell @gracemassell46

If I had the money this is how I would dress lol

41 4 weeks ago