Got dizzy just watching him spin around πŸŒ€πŸ˜¨ πŸŽ₯: @heybarber #foryou #hockey #toronto #sports #nhlallstar

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Pavel Barber @heybarber

One of the best rinks I've ever played on 😍

59 3 weeks ago

PoisonGirl87 @sammylindstrom

@oilersnation you should draft him and put him on the mcdavid line

48 3 weeks ago

😀Cean @xingshengzhou

what kind of hockey is this

21 3 weeks ago

Kieran Mooney @kieranmooney4

Lol I can do dat tho

21 3 weeks ago

Hockey eh? @tombomber

I don’t know why pavel’s not in the nhl

13 3 weeks ago

Polvilumpiot @polvilumpiot

saako kiekko mennΓ€ rankkarissa taaksepΓ€in πŸ€”

5 1 week ago

Lolo_hockey_cool_ @lolo_hockey_cool_

Wow πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

4 2 weeks ago

Jessica Fitzpatrick @mrsfitz


2 3 weeks ago

Joe Smith @joesmith2264

wowπŸ’« a reversed spin! amazing

2 3 weeks ago

TëãWølf25_ @dianebarrette

you are good πŸ‘

1 1 week ago

joksu668 @joksu668


2 3 weeks ago

Carter Saikkonen @cartersaikk

how is pavle not in the NHL

1 3 weeks ago

user4162198088778 @user4162198088778

I don’t even like hockey but that was dope

1 3 weeks ago

ayeh alsouidan @pick_a_letter


3 3 weeks ago

Tara Lizotte @taralynnlizotte69

so sick

0 16 hours ago

Steph Friesen @stephfriesen8


0 1 day ago

Intro Maker @intromaker396

Ol’ paves on the rink again!

0 2 days ago

Rachel Letwin @rachelletwin


0 1 week ago

Ondra Danis @ondradanis

damn amazing 😱

0 1 week ago