The worst is when they notice you😂 #foryou #viral #fyp

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Yianni Manero🧸🤟🏼 @yiannimanero

Like no Mr.Baker I didn’t finish my algebra assignment let me enjoy my weekend🙄

21 2 weeks ago

Moka @mokaboo_

Yo I own the room and march right up to em Lololol

5 2 weeks ago

anualouuu @anyalou.rxo

True when they see you and like how’s your weekend like no go away

4 2 weeks ago

Kayla Hunt @kaylahunt12

That happened when I was at subway but he saw me 😵

3 2 weeks ago

Ravi Dhawan @ravi22dhawan


1 2 weeks ago

❁ 𝔽𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕒 ❁ @fernanda_barredo.02

It’s even worse when it’s someone from your class . It gets awkward 😟

1 2 weeks ago

Wish Sum1Cared @nothin2l0s3

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha relatable

0 1 week ago

justastrangebean @justastrangebean

I swear a mood

2 2 weeks ago

georgia @georginawina00

@ali_art07 @lenabuggy05 i once saw a teacher at the theatres 😟

2 1 week ago

Lexiiiii @lexi_rose423

It’s awkward but I always wish I see my teachers for some reason🤡

2 2 weeks ago

XKiwi_SilverX @xkiwi_silverx

My teacher is nice

2 2 weeks ago

I’ll follow back @sleepyhead205

I relate to this haha

3 2 weeks ago

Emilyvi @emily_3813

That happened

1 1 week ago

Marymegan122 @marymegan1122

I was in town with my friends and I see my English teacher 🙄🙄 and ciara(friend ) went up to her and said hi Megan’s English teacher 🤬😂

1 2 weeks ago

Kaylux🧸✨ @kayla.c31

Lmao meeee 😂

1 2 weeks ago

❤️ItzInayaDiva❤️ @itzinayadiva

Hiii I am early pls reply!!!!!!

2 2 weeks ago

Abbie Mc Carthy👸🏽 @abbiemcc1


1 2 weeks ago

Annie William né @annue97


1 2 weeks ago

Tracy Taha @tracy_taha123


1 2 weeks ago

Fatimah 28 @fatimah333001

especially if it is a teacher you hate I was at a shop and then i saw my math teacher right in front of me

0 2 days ago