WHERES MY PHONE #phonekeepsmoving #fy #torylanez #fyp #xyzbca #foryou

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soul.brokenn @yexjo

i was in tory lanez fridge😌

11670 1 week ago

ALISALHA75 @alisalha7575

Idk how I feel bout Tory lanez on tik tok yet

6125 1 week ago

ryan @ryann.joseph

Tory isnt it time for bed

4698 1 week ago

Joshua @juztjosh

Famous people think this so funny to do when they get on☠️☠️

563 6 days ago

Gucci Mane In 2006 @www.tikthot

I feel like I’m Tory Lanez in 2020

3214 1 week ago

; SCOLE ; @dankscole

You chasing a phone and we out here waiting on some new music 🙄

2722 1 week ago

max :-) @_maxdressler

be my friend

1280 1 week ago

Kesh Kesh @keshkeshofficial

Tory lanez finna be a tok toker now 😌

136 1 week ago

JADE ENVY @dontenvyjade

So everybody on tiktok now huh

232 1 week ago

shaianne ♕ @bbygshaii

oh my bby

153 1 week ago

jordan<3 @jordanbeckham_

ur a god

205 1 week ago

Madison Mynhier @madisonmynhier

i been trying to make this my baby daddy since like 2015 🥵

1031 1 week ago

Damngodfrey @damngodfrey

U lokey killt this

411 1 week ago

Longbeachgiffy @official_longbeachgriffy

Legend says he still casing the phone

561 1 week ago

Tyler <3 @tylerreed

Aha I have more followers than tory lanez

294 1 week ago

cc @corinnecarr05


136 1 week ago

King Mac @kingmacfrmd12

tory has hair?

300 1 week ago

Martha @urmommartha

Not the white refrigerator

139 1 week ago

ryan @ryann.joseph

Ill blast your song when i go 100 on the highway

438 1 week ago

mikey @for_no24

He wearing the clothes from complex

1 2 hours ago